Mitzi's front page photos

I like to sit on the sofa and enjoy my flowers.
It's a hot & warm summer day.
A warm spring sun.
Mitzi's celebrating her 2nd birthday.
Mitzi is waiting sunny summer to come with Mandy.
Mitzi's best friend, the cat Missy. Don't we look alike?
Winter 2004.
Mitzi's winter posing 2005.
Mitzi's new hearts collar. Hand made just for Mitzi.
Mitzi's black & white posing.
Mitzi herding
Herding, summer 2006.
Mitzi, I'm so cute
Mitzi's cute, puppy face posing.
Mitzi's coat - secret to my beautiful coat ;)
Mitzi's rain/winter coat.
Mitzi winter 2006, my hearts bed
Winter 2006.
Mitzi babysitting
I worked as a babysitter for Mona's puppies.
Vacation on a paradise island - here I come.
Mitzi and Mitzi's little clone
Puppies? Mitzi and Mitzi's little clone.
Autumn 2006.
Autumn colors 2006.