We have practised agility, obedience & tracking. Pictures at the gallery.

Mitzi is practising contacts and weaving poles in agility. Mitzi seems to be a bit too fast for me so only time will tell if we ever compete. Mitzi surely seems to have a lot of fun! Winter and spring 2007-2008 we are taking break from agility. Nowadays we enjoy agility every now and then.

Mitzi is always happy and fast companion to work with in obedience. Mitzi likes very much to retrieve, jump and do all the speed movements. Sit stay, heel and scent are the most difficult. Maybe we do more obedience as Mitzi grows older and becomes more lazy and calm. Still waiting that day to come... ;)

Mitzi thinks that tracking is something between running and sniffing. Usually running; she tracks too fast. We keep practising. I'll guess that we never compete in tracking. Mitzi has got a very open and happy temperament. I think that she would be more suitable as a search & rescue dog. Unfortunately I don't have time for that hobby.

Mitzi has got a red ribbon (very good) from a national & international dog show. Mitzi has got them both; brains and beauty. ;)

Herding is something I'd like to do more but unfortunately I don't own sheep.

Overall I'm very proud of my little Mitzi. She is the kindest and sweetest creature that I know and she is so easy at home. And still she has got the natural talent, drive and full speed when needed. Mitzi knows when to take it easy and when to be the super working dog. She is a perfect example of an on/off type. And she doesn't bark or whine without a good reason. On the whole, she is a very balanced dog.



Mitzi doing some obedience, video clips:

Seuraaminen/Heel work 1
Neliöseuraaminen/Stand/sit/down while heeling 1
Luoksetulo/Recall with stand and lie down on the way 1
Piste/Sendaway to a marker, Ruutu/ box 1 2 3 4
Ohjattunouto/Directed retrieve 1 2
Hyppynouto, metalli/retrieve over a jump, metal 1
Tunnistusnouto/Scent. 1
Kauko-ohjaus/Distant Control 1 2

More videos


Old videos


Mitzi's result at the Finnish Character Test

And maybe we do herding