Mitzi's littermates

D.O.B: 25.3.2002
Breeder: Ketty Myrtenkvist, Sweden

V1249/2002 Albin Gk Vallh Pr Hips A Eyes Ok
V1250/2002 Anton Gk Vallh Pr Hips B MH Competes in obedience, tracking, search
V1251/2002 Ajax Eyes Ok

V1252/2002 Acke Eyes Ok
V1253/2002 Affe TK 2 Hips B Eyes Ok

Mitzi is the only female in the litter. She has got five brothers. Four of her brothers are black & white and the fifth is white with tricolour hair on his face. Three of the brothers are short haired. Mitzi is black and white with short hair in summertime, but longer hair in wintertime.