- 1.1.2007 -

Mitzi's pages updated.

- 3.1.2007 -

New photos at the gallery (January 2007).

- 20.2.2007 -

Mitzi was ultrasounded today: no puppies!! :(

- 4.3.2007 -

New photo at the frontpage.

- 4.4.2007 -

I'm planning to mate Mitzi in autumn 2007.
More info at our Mithrandir kennel.

- 11.4.2007 -

We participated in four agility competitions last weekend: Really fast courses, few faults (weaving poles) and disqs. Otherwise nice and fast runs!

- 4.5.2007 -

New photo at the frontpage.

- 5.5.2007 -

We have again competed in agility with no success. Mitzi is so fast that I really have difficulties to keep up with her. My little turbo!! :)

- 5.6.2007 -

New posing photo at the pedigree page. New photos at misc. New videos at our Photobucket album.

- 17.7.2007 -

Mitzi has been succesfully mated in Sweden. See more info at our Mithrandir kennel. Or check our BLOG.

- 10.8.2007 -

Mitzi was at ultrasound today and there were puppies! I got 'new' obedience photos of Mitzi. They can be found here.

- 14.9.2007 -

Mitzi's labour went wrong, now there's no puppies and Mitzi herself is in critical condition at the animal hospital. :(

- 15.9.2007 -

Mitzi survived. She is still weak and not breathing normally. But Mitzi's now at home to recover! :)

- 14.10.2007 -

About month ago we had this terrible misfortune, first the death of Mitzi's puppies and then the health complications followed Mitzi's cesarean operation. This event has been ever since in our thoughts every single day & night and we carry this grief in our hearts forever. I have something to confess... One of my biggest dreams died this autumn, when this happened. Life isn't always fair. Mitzi is my very first Border Collie and she is a such great and cute personality. I guess that I'll never get a Border Collie as good as she. I had imagined that I would breed & get old with Mitzi's offspring. Now with Mitzi, I have realized how she's so unique & irreplaceable. Luckily, Mitzi's now doing better. We just have to delight in the simple joys of daily life and hope for a better future. We are afraid to get Mitzi pregnant ever again. What you may loose in breeding, can be forever lost, gone and forgotten.

- 25.11.2007 -

New front page photo. New photos at the gallery.

- 15.12.2007 -

New front page photo. Merry Christmas to all! Let the next year be better than this year!


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