- 30.1.2008 -

New front page photo.

- 25.2.2008 -

New front page photo. New photos at misc.

- 25.3.2008 -

Mitzi 6 years! I'm so glad to have you. <3 Pictures here.

- 18.5.2008 -

Mitzi passed the Character Test. She was playful and happy as usual.
See more detailed description.

- 31.5.2008 -

I added new page to Mitzi's gallery.

- 14.9.2008 -

It's now one year after Mitzi's complication. I appreciate more and more every day what a great dog she is. Especially last year, after what she had to go through last autumn. It sure was a reminder of how much she means to me. I have asked her what she wants the most and the answer was 'play'. So we have been building her condition, lot of swimming and hiking, playing; just spending time together and done not-so-serious obedience training during this summer. Also a very little of agility.

See news 2007.