I wanted a breed which would have the positive characteristics for dog activities like obedience. I also wanted a dog that would be healthier than a German Shepherd Dog, and also a bit more active and energetic. I chose a Border Collie.

I kind of knew what to look for. I contacted several breeders to get an overall picture. It became clear that only a few kennels breed working Border Collies in Finland. I also wanted to have a dog whose parents would preferably been active either in dog sports or in herding.

I started to wait for a puppy from Kennel Tending in Finland. Abba, "Mitzi" was born on March 25th 2002 in Sweden. Her breeder is Ketty Myrtenkvist. She has been Kennel Tending's brood bitch 18.5.2002-25.3.2007, but nowadays she is mine and surely loved by me.

Abba's call name "Mitzi" comes after her grandmother INT OBCH NORD OBCH S WTCH GK VALLH PR Young Pauls Mitzi-II who has been very successful in obedience. Mitzi is also the name of the famous dolphin Flipper.

Mitzi came to Finland on May 18th 2002. Mitzi is a really joyful puppy. I hope to have many pleasant years with Mitzi.


- Maria & Mitzi -