Viggo © Sofie Åkerberg

V1202/98 D.O.B 10.2.1998
owner: Hanna Eriksson, Sweden

Viggo is a small, flexible and fast short haired male. He is strong and well built. Positive and social. He doesn't get into conflicts with other dogs regardless of gender or breed. He is explosive when outside and calm indoors. He has got an on-off button. He is fast like a bullet and he is not afraid of high sounds. When he is given an opportunity, he likes fetching and has got a will to fight playfully.

He was excited by herding when he was 5 months. At the age of 1,5 years he competed in herding (sheeps). He learns easily and he is co-operative. He has got courage, authority and he is willing to work hard. He bites only if commanded or when attacked. The eye is sometimes magnetic but not too locked. He never gives up however hard the job given to him is. He can be adjusted to herd all kind of animals. He has no problem looking after lost sheep or tired oxen. He always has a huge concentration in work irrespective of information and he does always his best.


Swedish obedience champion (S OBCH)
Character tested (GK karaktärsprov)
Passed the basic shepherding test (GK VALLH PR)
Trialled in herding (GK vallprov)
4th in the national obedience championships in year 2001
Swedish shepherding champion (S VALLH CH)